Tiffany has been a lover of words since before she could read them. As a very young child she would scribble loopy lines on paper (insisting it was cursive writing) and then “read” her stories to any family members who would listen. Once she actually learned to read and write, there was no stopping her. In college, Tiffany studied subjects like modern English grammar and technical writing. Her first love is editing, but writing content is an extremely close second. She stumbled into content marketing when she did freelance work for a content mill. Since then, she has learned more about inbound marketing and has been crafting original content for various clients for the past seven years. When she’s not editing manuscripts or typing away on her laptop, Tiffany’s usually playing hurling (an Irish sport), watching Turner Classic Movies, or traveling to Disney World and beyond with her husband Will and precious baby girl Annabelle.

Examples of services:

•Book/Manuscript Editing

•Line Edits

•Proofreading of Essays, Articles, Emails, Business Documents

•Content Writing




•Social Media Upkeep


•Chicago Manual of Style

•Associated Press Stylebook

•MLA Handbook

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